Friday is always busy at Pinocchio

Friday comes around very quickly here at Pinocchio, and we are always rushed off our feet, especially early evening with all the customer going to the theatre who come in because we are convenient for the theatre and pretty central in town.

Of course they also get a warm Italian welcome from our family run restaurant, and they get 10% off too if they show us their tickets. Now I like to think that its the genuine Italian coooking that keeps the people coming back, and not the great value for money with our fixed price menu deals.

So Friday, I remember when I was a little boy, Friday used to take forever to come around. A school week seemed like a lifetime and the weekends went in a blur. Now everything goes in a blur, weeks seem like days and months like weeks. So I always try and take the time at least once a week to relax, have a nice capuccino and just watch the world go by. I think everyone should do that at least once a week.