Office Party Etiquette – The Basics by Debrett’s

Office Party Etiquette – The basic Do’s and Dont’s

It will soon be office party season, the Christmas office party is often the place for boozy revelations and gossip mongering. It is also the time that little bit of harmless flirting over the photocopier can become a little bit more.

So when planning your Brighton Office Party this Christmas take note of Debrett’s advice :

Behind the Christmas celebrations is the reality that you are socialising with colleagues under the gaze of managers. Join in the camaraderie and indulge in the Christmas spirit, but know when to draw the line.

DO TALK : The office party is the perfect place to impress. The barriers are down and there is the opportunity to talk to those hard-to-reach people.

DO SOCIALISE : Circulate and socialise, but keep it upbeat and general. Enquire about families, children and holidays; avoid money, politics and sex.

DON’T SPREAD RUMOURS : The proximity of office life is a breeding ground for gossip, but don’t spread rumours or confess sins.

DON’T BE TOO FAMILIAR : Keep in mind that the invisible line dividing real colleagues and friends may become blurred after too much mulled wine.

DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY : Just a little harmless flirting will oil the social wheels, but ensure that it stays light. Steer clear of mistletoe and dirty dancing. Keep good-night kisses innocent and aim to get up alone. If romance is on the cards, go off-site.

DON’T GET DRUNK : Remember the boozing basics: avoid shots, eat well, alternate drinks with water. Have fun but don’t be the casualty everybody is discussing the next day. If things start feeling dangerously fuzzy, consider it a night.

DO GO TO WORK : The day after still counts, so be at the office on time and make certain work doesn’t suffer. Crawling in hung over and late (or worse, pulling a sickie) is unforgivably unprofessional.