Italian Passion goes into everything dish we make and now every Drink we serve too!

As Brighton’s Oldest Italian restaurant it is essential that we put loads of Italian passion into every dish of food we prepare for you. That’s why our highly trained chef’s prepare every meal in our own kitchens using only the finest ingredients.

We now import our Coca Cola and Coca Cola Light direct from Italy for a thoroughly authentic Italian taste. We know some people will think that it makes no difference, but trust us our Italian Coca Cola just tastes better, and adds that little authentic touch to every meal.

We are also importing a fresh and crisp Italian Cider to add to our drinks menu, this cider is shipped al the way from Italy.

This Sparkling Apple Cider made by the Melchiori family from Tres, a small village in the renowned apple region of Val di Non, in mountainous north-east Italy. The Melchiori family work with local growers to ensure their apples are handpicked early in the season for a crisp and tangy taste, perfect for cider.

The quality of the cider and the taste is typically Italian, a refreshing brew that will add an extra twist to our meals. Make sure on your next visit to Pinocchio that you order “Oro Di Mela” and get that thoroughly authentic Italian taverna taste complete with a genuine flavour of Italy in our homemade food.